Standard Services

Down Range Arms fully Supports our Military (Active and Veterans), Law Enforcement, First Responder communities. You will receive a 10% discount on labor charges with your ID. [Cerakote finishes not included]

***All listed PRICES are for LABOR only***


Prices subject to change after inspection (Customer will be notified Before Work Is Done). An additional cleaning fee may be applied if Down Range Arms needs to clean your firearm or parts, in order to complete the requested work.


Custom built rifle or pistol to your specifications!                                              Priced by quote only!

Minimum labor charge: $30

Hourly labor rate – manual work: $65

Hourly rate – manned machine work: $87

Service charge for ordering parts: $30


Manual Cleaning

Cleaning and oil by hand: $68                 (For firearms that can’t be cleaned in the Ultrasonic Cleaning process)

 Includes: stripping gun, hand cleaning all parts, checking for wear and estimate of services needed to return firearm to Best Possible condition.                         We use Break Free CLP for cleaning

Additional service charge on rusted or extremely dirty firearms: $28

Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Ultrasonic cleaning services are only available for semi-auto hand guns and magazines as well as certain AR style platforms. The ultrasonic cleaning process removes built up dirt and grime in tight nooks and crannies. The process will help to bring your firearm back to factory new cleaned condition.

Extra breakdown will be done to make sure all areas are able to be cleaned and properly lubricated after the process

Same to next day turnaround depending on workload. ***Group/ Multi-unit Discounts Available***

Semi-Pistol: $50

AR platform: $60

All other parts cleaned by Ultrasonic process will be quoted at time of drop off!



Re-Barreling Services

Available on most types of firearms.
All types of contours, including octagonal, half-round, integral quarter ribs and full ribs.
Integral sight bases, sling mounts and fluting also available.

Changing barrels on a customer owned firearm (Thread-Fit-Chamber, on a pre-turned & machined blank): $395

(Blank barrel and finishing not included in price)          Add Muzzle threads: $145

**New Service – Blueprinting of Remington 700 Bolt Action** : $425

Customer provides Action – Produces an action that is as true as possible and with all surfaces being properly cut, faced and lapped. This will increase the barrel thread outer diameter by .010″  (This service can only be provided if we are Re-Barreling the action)


We proudly use Barrels manufactured in Texas by SHILEN on our custom builds. However, we will build your custom rifle with any barrel maker of your choosing.


Shilen Home Logo

Please visit the FAQ page for more information on barrel break in.

Changing Remington 700 to Remage pre-fit or changing Savage pre-fit [Barrel & Nut not included]: $200


Rifle services

Test fire rifle: $18 + Ammo

Check head spacing: $25

Function troubleshooting: $45

Removal of a stuck fired case from chamber with the rear of brass intact: $65

Removal of a stuck live round from chamber: $100

Removal of a stuck bullet from barrel: $50

Cut and crown barrel: $85

Turn &Thread [Remington-Winchester-Savage] bolts for Tactical knob: $65

Install New Bolt handle: $115

Bolt fluting: $75

Trigger Installation

    • Bolt Gun [Triggertech – Timney – Dayton]:  $65

    • AR [JP or similar requiring adjustments and calibration]:  $115

    • AR [Triggertech or similar drop in]:  $50

Scopes & sights Install and adjustment

Sight in customers weapon: $65 + cost of ammo

Bore sighting for ‘on paper’ at 100yds:  $20

Installation of Base, Rings, Scope & Bore sight: $45

Exchange or Installation of pistol sights (Bore sighted for 25yds): $65

Shotgun Services

Custom adjustment of heel and toe for wood stock for personalized fit: $235

Remove stuck choke from barrel & clean and chase threads: $165

Re-solder barrel rib: $200
(not including bluing)

Re-solder barrel fore-end lug: $68
(not including bluing)

Clean, chase threads for screw-in chokes: $45



Handgun Services


Action tuning of Semi-auto pistol (Full Trigger job): $75

Glock Hone & Polish Trigger Lock: $50

Glock Factory Extended Slide Release {Includes parts}:$25 G36: $30

Tighten metal slides to frame: $130

Lap & Polish metal slide and frame: $85

Fitting Barrel to slide 45ACP: $90

Fitting barrel bushing to 45ACP: $60

Throat polish barrel and feed ramp on semi-auto: $38

Fitting of barrel and compensation bushing on semi-auto: $85

Install custom trigger on metal 45ACP frame: $45

Install custom Hammer on 45ACP frame: $60

Install custom safety on 45ACP frame: $60



Revolver action tuning: $75

Re-barreling revolver with a factory barrel: $140

Re-barreling revolver with aftermarket barrel: $325

Install crane locking ball system: $75

Straighten revolver crane: $125

Bob-tailing or modification to hammer spur on revolver: $35


Rifle & Shotgun Stock Services

Basic Installation of customer firearm into replacement stock purchased from Down Range Arms (NO Bedding included): $25

Installation of recoil pad – Ground to fit the stock shape:  $170

Install sling studs: $60

Installation & Fitting of Pillars for Action ONLY (Aluminum Pillars included) to stock:

$150 {Poly Stock}         $185 {Wood Stock}         $205 {Fiberglass Stock} 

Glass Bed Action and free float barrel without pillars: $220

Fit and Bed barreled action to pre-finished fiberglass stock: $175

Custom Stock: $ POR

Repair Services

Available on all types of firearms; price quotes after inspection.


Repair quotes are free if we do the work; otherwise a $45 charge

Safety testing and functional certification ranges from $50 to $75 plus the cost of ammo.

Metal Finishing & Protection Services




Cerakote™ Finishes are priced as follows


Handguns: $50
Rifles / Shotguns: $85


(NOTE: Prices do not include labor to tear down/assemble)

Complete Handgun: (Solid Color)  $200
Complete Handgun: (Two Tone Color)  $225
Complete Handgun: (Battle Hardened)  $250
Complete Handgun: (Camo: Multicam, Kryptek)   $275

Slide: (Solid Color) $85
Slide: (Battle Hardened) $125
Slide: (Camo: Multicam, Kryptek) $140

Frame: (Solid) $125
Frame: (Battle Hardened) $150
Frame: (Camo: Multicam, Kryptek) $160

Magazines: $20



Not offering Cerakote refinishing.


AR15 / AR10 / AK47 / SCAR 16, 17 PLATFORM RIFLES

NOTE: Prices do not include labor to tear down/assemble

Hand Guard, Upper/Lower Receiver (Solid Color) $200
Hand Guard, Upper/Lower Receiver (Two Tone Color) $225
Hand Guard, Upper/Lower Receiver (Camo: Multicam, Kryptek) $350
Hand Guard, Upper/Lower Receiver (Battle Hardened) $300

ADD ON: Small Parts (Buffer Tube, End Plate, Controls etc…)       $75

*Does not including sights or optics



Lower Receiver:  $85
Upper Receiver:  $85
Hand guard:  $85
Stock: $50
Barrel: $75
Gas Block: $25
Muzzle Device: $25
Bipod: $100
Magazines: $25
Scope Rings / Base: $50



(Solid Color) $140
(Pattern)  $160

Scope are cerakoted in H Series (Requires baking) Due to baking temperatures we only will do select scopes manufactures that have a high heat rating such as Nightforce, Trijicon, Votex, etc.



NOTE: Labor to tear down/assemble included Only where noted

Suppressor: $75
MP5 and other HK style rifles: $300 (includes labor)
Sten Gun / other tube style guns: $200 (includes labor)
M16 – see AR Platform Rifle Prices
AK47: $300 (includes labor)



NOTE: Prices do not include labor to tear down/assemble

Complete Rifle/Shotgun (Solid): $175
Complete Rifle/Shotgun (Two Tone): $195
Complete Rifle/Shotgun (Pattern): $275
Complete Rifle/Shotgun (Battle Hardened): $275
AICS Skins (Solid): $140
AICS Skins (pattern): $225



Graphit Black – Magpul FDE – OD Green – Desert Sand
Burnt Bronze – Crushed Silver – Robin’s Egg Blue (Tiffany Blue)
Tungsten – Desert Tan



We think Cerakote is a great product that offers many benefits to the longevity of your firearms. We have chosen to not offer the following Cerakote colors due to the lack of product reliability. The following color/s do not offer proper Coverage at the Cerakote recommended application thickness and leaves your firearm vulnerable to the coating chipping, especially on edges.

All Whites – All Pinks – All Purples



All bluing prices are quoted after inspection; listed prices indicate the minimum and maximum charges.

STD Rust bluing [Sandpaper polish to a 320 or better finish]: $425.00 +

HOT Bluing: $175 to $500 Depending on Grade selection

Low Grade: Blast at finish.

Grade 2: Remove pitting and scratches then blast and blue.

Grade 3: Restore finish to factory grade.

Grade 4: Polished to a mirror finish and then hot blued.


Teflon sprayed on finish: $325

Hard chrome plating or Nickel plating

Matte-finish long gun: $340

Matte-finish hand gun: $280

Brushed finish long gun: $395

Brushed finish hand gun: $290